W Amsterdam Exchange
Styling Public Spaces

Concept, design and art direction of styling for the W Amsterdam public spaces. We designed art installations and styling interventions that express the brand DNA of W Amsterdam. The art installations are part of the interior design; they tell insider stories on Dutch culture and Amsterdam habits. Each area represents a different story line with Amsterdam insights: Delft Blue Wisdom Tiles, Dutch Flowers, Red Lights, Bij ons in de Jordaan and Amsterdam Souvenirs.

A coffee table filled with golden and neon orange wooden shoes. An ode to the Dutch passion for collecting.
Persian Rugs have been part of Amsterdam houses for centuries. Within the Amsterdam Windows we create a modern take on the Persian Rug, influenced by the style of the window it is presented in.
Three rows of Delft blue tiles display the typical Dutch saying; ‘Oost West Thuis Best’. Every tile showcases a different shade of blue as well as different letter.
Five unconventional arrangements of a 17th century Dutch flower bouquet; a square format.
A mirror installation to secretively peak at other guests. Inspired by the spy mirrors to be found at the Amsterdam Jordanese windows, to be able to see who is in front of your door.
Photos by Sal Marston Photography