Welcome to The Invisible Party. We design bespoke spaces that bring your brand to life. Internationally recognised, we work with businesses big and small to craft stories that are to be seen as well as heard. We’re interior designers, product developers, brand strategists and curators. We take everything into consideration, designing with details in mind to produce unforgettable spaces that demand to be experienced. Contact us to party with you!

About Vivian

Vivian van Schagen is the founder and creative director of The Invisible Party. Vivian, story-teller with a refined eye for detail, specialises in creating a complete brand package.


Branded Merchandise and bespoke styling for hospitality

Our products are designed to amplify the personality of any space. We collaborate with artists and manufacturers to create bespoke pieces that make memories. Take a look at our product design

Retail window strategy

We know that what happens online, is just as important as what happens off. We take campaigns and make them tangible, amplifying the window of your flagship store. Designs that can be rolled out across locations. Take a look at our window design

Flagship store

We specialise in creating holistic retail experiences. This means everything we design is considered, from fixtures and fittings, materials and graphics to sound and smell. Take a look at our retail design

Omni Channel

We translate your brand story into a three-dimensional world, ensuring that what happens offline mirrors what happens on. Take a look at our interior design

Art — programming, curation, consultancy

We curate to connect brands to consumers and guests to locations. We commission artists that have a style that resonates with the brand, directing them from concept to installation according to the brand, budget and timeline. Take a look at our art installations

Boutique hotel design and brand development

We take your ambitions and craft a narrative, define your position, identify your values and create a name. These are the foundations on which we build our design and create your unique hotel experience. Take a look at our hospitality design


It’s the fine print that tells the whole story. We use this to our advantage, weaving together patterns, print and type to create a seamless and unforgettable brand identity. Take a look at our branding