The Student Hotel Maastricht
Public Spaces

Interior and graphic design for the public spaces of The Student Hotel Maastricht. The interior for the public spaces translates the playful and bold Student Hotel brand to the interior of the former Sphinx factory. The merging of brand and site history is told in each aspect of the design; from graphics, to styling and the custom made art installations. Through the use of materials, furniture and fabrics, sectioned of areas feel warm in contrast with the cold, hard concrete and steel that make up the building.

The bright and cheery candy stripe pattern playfully livens up the basement area loft. By creating a vibrant and colourful space, out of what are two giant concrete mixing bowls, students are invited to lounge and take Instagram worthy snaps.
The old is literally brought into the new by reusing the former factory roofsignage “SANITAIR”. At the back of the ground floor, with various areas partitioned off by glass walls, the letters are endlessly reflected, telling and re-telling history.
Riffing on the tension between permanent and erasable, we transformed a single scribble into a pattern. In the same vain, old Sphinx china patterns are blown up and cut from vinyl to line the corridor at the back of the ground floor.
We art directed illustrator Gino Bud Hoiting to create a layer of graphics that reference the history of the building. We implemented his signature style in vinyl and tapestry and asked Hoiting to doodle on ceramic sinks to create bespoke styling items.
To create the illusion of a lower ceiling and add warmth and intimacy, banners are used throughout the space, both as single hanging banners and as a larger chandelier-like rotating installation.
We delved into the archives to find old china patterns created by Sphinx to print on the soft, see through fabric of the banners that we mingled with the bold The Student Hotel brand.
We art directed Maatricht-based ceramics studio Vormstof to create individual porcelain plaques that are randomly placed throughout the ground floor space. Together the plaques tell the story of the transformation of the old factory to the new hotel.
All photos copyright Sal Marston Photography

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