The Student Hotel Delft
Interior Design

The interior design of the entire hotel has been created based on circular design principles, revolving around reuse, preservation of value and reduction of the carbon footprint. The Student Hotel and The Invisible Party have teamed up to create the interior design for their latest property in Delft.

The fifteenth hotel of the hybrid hospitality group is located in Nieuw-Delft, the green heart of a city that is in full development, and next to Delft Central Station. The Student Hotel aims to give innovators and creatives a place and provide a home for students and be a welcoming hub where the community can come together.

The design process and research for the interior architecture revolved all around sustainability and the history and technical character of the city of Delft.
The furniture has similarly been developed in such a way that all screws and bolts can be easily removed so that it is ready for recycling when the time comes. There are chairs made of vintage jeans and guests encounter re-purposed furniture that first served at different The Student Hotel properties.

The colourful wall cladding at the entrance consists of more than one hundred tiles produced with recycled plastics. The pattern was custom designed for the client working with the classic Delft Blauw ceramic colours. Part of the boundary blurring concept is creating many different functions on the ground floor. A gym, game area and even the laundry were given a prominent place and contribute to the overall guest experience.
A cornerstone of the interior design is undoubtedly the large yellow staircase that stretches over more 30 meters from left to right. During the day it serves as a casual meeting or study area, but it easily transforms to a large auditorium or event space for private functions. The atrium just up the stairs features a large custom light installation that consist of fluorescent line shapes and brings magic and wonder to the room. The large open space can feel dramatic so we made sure to include loads of smaller areas within, like little nooks and pods, in case you want to take a break from all the liveliness or share a more private setting with someone.
As an additional layer, we created custom graphics and patterns which we applied to tiling, window vinyls, furniture upholstery and art installations. Materials, patterns, prints and shapes have been purposefully designed with a technical theme in mind; from computer grids to aerodynamic shapes. Those that take the time or frequent the building will often discover something new. For the illustrations and large murals we collaborated with artists and developed unique artworks that are now eternalised on the building walls.
Project: The Student Hotel
Location: Delft, The Netherlands
Program: Public spaces, co-working spaces,
restaurant, bar, meeting and event spaces
Assignment: Interior design, graphic design, styling
Status: Realised October 2020
Size: 1.685 m²
Client: The Student Hotel
Design: The Invisible Party
Design Direction: Naomi Thieller de Poncheville
from TSH Experience Design
Project Management: Melike Catalgol, Itziar Benedicto
from TSH Development
Architect: KCAP
Interior builder: Fiction Factory
Photography: Steve Herud
Illustrations - Monsieur Hubert
Murals - Chantal van Heeswijk
Light installation - Aptum Lighting
Recycled plastics - The Good Plastic Company