We are The Invisible Party.
We create interiors, retail concepts, brands, product design and art installations.

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We are optimists and we look for the sweet spot between things that work and colorful wonderland. As passionate storytellers we contribute to a better world in the only way we know how; by designing for and collaborating with like-minded people.

Interior Design

Through storytelling we deliver a wide variety of interior design projects including hotels, restaurants, exhibition spaces, workspaces and residential projects. What remains the same is our research driven approach to story-based concepting. View all Interior Design

Retail Design

When you only have a second to capture attention, you need to connect. For our clients we create concept stores, flagship stores and window designs from brand strategy to buildout. View all Retail Design


We use brand strategy and graphic design to create brand concepts that appeal to the head and the heart. Our work makes deep-rooted connections and creates aspiration. View all Branding

Product Design

We design with details in mind. Unique products that enhance and compliment your interior design. Through collaborations with the worlds finest artists, artisans and manufacturers, we create interior styling items that become must have souvenirs. View all Product Design

Art Consultancy

We deliver art collections and bespoke art commissions. Through collaboration and curation we have developed art installations that demand to be seen, snapped and shared. View all Art Consultancy
We're an Amsterdam based design studio.
Our projects come to life in all corners of the world.
Westerdoksdijk 475
1013 BX Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Westerdoksdijk 475
1013 BX Amsterdam
The Netherlands