Virgin Voyages

With Richard Branson at the helm, Virgin Voyages is redefining exactly what a “cruise ship” is. The new cruise line reached out to us to create the on-board art program for The Scarlet Lady, its first ocean liner. The goal? Create a unique experience for guests that appeals to a younger, discerning target market.

We created an art program that acts as a thread running through the various interiors and the programming on-board. It forms a storyline that embodies the brand and its life at sea while articulating the guest’s unique experience on-board.
We designed a number of art installations such as tapestries, murals and chandeliers. “One of the tapestries on display was made by combining macrame with nautical knots. All the rope used had to be certified by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) like everything onboard. This meant we had to source specially certified yarn to create custom rope for the piece. Like all great innovations, the piece was challenging and complicated but so very worth it.
We asked seven artists, who we believe fit the Virgin Voyages brand vision, to create work that helps to tell The Scarlet Lady’s story. Because they all have their own style, we were able to design installations that suit every mood, experience, and space. We guided the artists and acted as a bridge between them and Virgin Voyages.
The artworks attract and guide you like a siren's call seducing you to discover new treasures.