The Fritz Düsseldorf
Hotel Design

Interior design, branding and naming for boutique hotel The Fritz Düsseldorf. At The Fritz, we demonstrate that humor is a luxury. The environment tells a classic story in a contemporary and witty voice, inspired by the iconic grand hotels such as The Ritz. However, the design’s success doesn’t depend on anyone getting the joke.

The interiors pun visually on familiar elements of the Old World grandeur: gilding, trompe l’oeil and Old Master paintings, as well as the brand’s bold, patrician use of color.  
Elements allude to the grand hotels' over-indulgence: large golden brushstrokes across decorative plaster walls, smaller strokes over the concrete facade, modern furniture paired with classic herringbone and marble floors.
We translated the Ritz’ color schemes into sumptuous accents and a royal blue identity. In the same way we adopted the ubiquitous gilding into decorative objects and furniture.
The grand hotel's floral motifs are transformed into an indoor garden and painterly pillowcases. Furthermore, guests are glamorously welcomed by bright grids of iconic marquee bulb signage.