The Fritz Düsseldorf
Guest Rooms

Interior design for The Fritz Düsseldorf guest rooms. To create a calm, comfortable space the palette was largely kept to neutral colours, given more depths through details that reference the larger hotel space. Touches of gold, a boldly coloured headboard and luxurious throw add character. Furthermore, due to the small scale of the rooms, we kept the furnishings efficient and yet cosy to appeal both to business travellers and those enjoying a a weekend away.

We opened up the cupboard and transformed the usual guest room desk into a functional bar that runs across the width of the room. Guests can easily arrange their items whilst preserving a sense of spaciousness and without cluttering up the room. 
The floral theme that runs throughout the hotel pops up in the guest rooms, on the graphics on the bathroom partition and pillows, but also on the wall as a modern day interpretation of ornamental floral Grand Epoque wallpapers.  
We designed Betthupferl, little candy to take before going to bed, as a sweet gift for the hotel guest.
The rooms are made to feel more generous due to a translucent bathroom partition. The partition conceptually makes the bathroom part of the room rather than a closed off space.