The Collab

This co-working space brings together ambitious creatives, entrepreneurs and startups in the newly developed “stationsgebied Nieuw Delft”. The interior architecture is created based on circular design principles, which means that reuse, preservation of value and reduction of the carbon footprint are central to the research and design process.

Collab is an open office space that is divided in smaller areas through smart solutions and modular fixtures and furniture. The large green cub is the counterpoint of the space and contains office essentials, services and amenities. Loads of daylight, acoustic solutions and smart technology contribute to overall well-being and productivity.

Because of the smart layout and colourful interior design, Collab is a place that stimulates ideation and where encounters and connections between the members are easily made.

Old Efteling costumes have been recycled to create beautiful felt panels, the green MDF panels do not require paint layers and chemical glue has been avoided. Large murals created by Chantal van Heeswijk make you stop in your tracks and think for a moment.
Project: TSH Collab
Location: Delft, The Netherlands
Program: Co-working space
Assignment: Interior design, graphic design
Status: Realised October 2020
Size: 350 m²
Client: The Student Hotel
Design: The Invisible Party
Design Direction: Naomi Thieller de Poncheville from TSH Experience Design
Project Management: Melike Catalgol, Itziar Benedicto from TSH Development
Architect: KCAP
Interior builder: Fiction Factory
Photography: Steve Herud

Murals - Chantal van Heeswijk