Oblique Men
Flagship Store

Interior design and brand identity for the Utrecht location of mens’ fashion store Oblique Men. Our focus was creating a space that matches the high-end brands the store carries. As these brands have a classic (often Italian) heritage and urban aesthetic, we chose to create a space with a contemporary feel and sophisticated edge. The design merges two formerly separate spaces.

The two spaces were made one by creating an oblique line that runs through both, setting the angle to which floors are laid and furnitures made and set out. The angled line also sets the tone, creating a contemporary interior with an edgy high-end yet classic feel.
The classic is given twist through different touches such as the use of modern materials, including Himacs and a terrazzo-look floor, and interjecting the colour palette with a bright, almost neon green.
The oblique line is also projected onto walls and changing room doors, adding a bold graphic layer.
An accessories cabinet screens the window from the store. The material diffuses light in such a way that silhouettes are visible but fuzzy. As such it forms a dividing line between inside-outside, on display-hidden.
The range of materials and colours in the shop underlines the coming together of classic and urban. In creating a variety of sensory experiences, traditional materials are made modern through their juxtaposition and reinvention.
We conceived the store as a stage to present and give an overview of the 58 brands the shop carries. The angled line is repeated in the various display elements, creating specific sight lines and leading shoppers along the products.
The displays are made in finishes that both highlight and contrast with the luxurious materials of the flooring, seating and mannequins.
We developed an angled footwear display that shows the product from a wearer’s viewpoint. In sum, our design for Oblique Men puts contemporary, urban men's fashion on a pedestal.