Fritz’s Frau Franzi
Bar and Restaurant

Interior design and brand identity for bar and restaurant Fritz’s Frau Franzi. As an integral part of The Fritz, Fritz’s Frau Franzi plays its own riff on old style glamour. The long, corridor-like space of the room is broken up through the use of colour blocking and sectioned seating. Thus  giving the restaurant a sophisticated yet intimate and informal feel.

A unique wall covering made of silk flowers honors the Belle Époque of the hospitality industry. The ‘Flower Wall’ is a three-dimensional version of the classic floral wallpaper of grand hotels.
An indoor “garden” with daylight simulation, at the back of the space, infuses the space with light and a whimsical, enchanting glamour. Hence, that invites guests to sit all the way to the back of the space at Fritz's Frau Franzi Bar and Restaurant.